Exploring Healthy Tastes Feeding Camps!

The first edition of our Summer Feeding Camp series took place June 3rd - June 10, 2024 and was tremedous fun! Camps were provided by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, interns and further enhanced by professional counseling in the area of food aversion by a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. Campers with feeding difficulties and their caregivers engaged with foods of various textures, colors, smells, exploring each of the five senses every day.

We look forward to offering these camps next year! To be placed on a waiting list, please email us at info@brazostherapy.org

Who is this camp for?

The Exploring Healthy Tastes camp is designed for children with feeding difficulties and their caregivers. Your child may benefit from this camp if they:

• have difficulty with new foods or textures
• have been described as a picky or problem eater
• have difficulty sitting through meals

What does the camp look like?

Each session, children will engage in play-based therapeutic activities to promote their sensory processing, oral motor, and feeding skills. Parents and caregivers are invited to observe the sessions and receive education. Our goal is to promote positive change in the home environment as well. All food items and materials will be provided. We will prepare and eat breakfast together, so come hungry!

Do I need a prescription from my physician?

No. While the camp is provided by our team of licensed personnel, this is not a medical service. This is a great way for your child to have fun, explore new foods, grow their skills, and develop friendships!

However, if you would like to pursue intensive feeding therapy with our Occupational and/or Speech Therapy departments, please visit our referrals page for more information.




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