Parents & Caregivers

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Call us at 979-776-2872 or email us at

Admission to our services is easy!

Does your child need speech, occupational or physical therapy? We are one phone call away! Here's what the process looks like:

  • Please have your physician fax over a prescription for services to 979-776-1456 OR
  • Call us at 979-776-2872. Have your child's demographics and insurance information, as well as your physician's information ready. We will contact your physician and request a prescription.
  • Once the prescription is received, we will check benefits and coverage and call you to schedule an evaluation. A licensed therapist will perform a series of standardized testing and assess whether therapeutic intervention is needed.
  • With your input, we will write a treatment plan and will fax it over to your child's doctor to ensure they are in agreement with our proposed plan. Depending on your insurance plan, we may also need to send it to the insurance company to request authorization to provide services.
  • After the signed orders and authorization are received by our administrative team, we will contact you to schedule your therapy sessions.
  • Consistency is key. For best results and compliance with the treatment plan, we will schedule your sessions on specific days at the same time.

Physicians & Referral Coordinators

You may submit a referral one of the following ways:

  • Fax the referral and pre-authorization (if needed) to 979-776-1456
  • Email the referral to
  • Call us at 979-776-2872

We accept all Medicaid plans available in our area, Medicare, CHIP, and most commercial insurance plans. We also provide financial assistance to folks without insurance, based on demonstrated financial need.  If you have a question about whether a particular plan is accepted or not, please call us at 979-776-2872.