About Us

The Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center is the only freestanding nonprofit provider of comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy services in the entire Brazos Valley.

Our mission is to improve the lives of families in our community who need medical assistance in the areas of physical, speech and occupational therapy services.


We serve anywhere between 350 and 400 families every year. Through our physical, occupational and speech therapy services, we serve the entire Brazos Valley, including but not limited to the following counties: Brazos, Grimes, Madison, Leon, Washington, Burleson, Robertson. We are proud to serve all ages and diagnoses from birth defects and congenital anomalies, to developmental delays and sports injuries.

Established in 1957, the Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center has been helping folks with disabilities live life to the fullest extent of their ability. We believe in the power of "CAN" and "WILL". We believe we are stronger together.



As the area's only non-profit comprehensive outpatient therapy provider, our goal is to ensure that no one in the Brazos Valley is left without therapy options.

Our comprehensive therapy programs help patients live, learn, work and play through our physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Each of our dedicated therapists has experience and specialized training to work with children to enhance their development. They feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to promote the growth and development of the child’s skills so that they may work, play and participate in their daily lives.

The program’s mission is to provide the absolute highest quality of care to children with disabilities ranging from ages 0 to 18. Our therapists have specialized training and certification in Neurodevelopment Therapy, sensory integration, Kinseiotaping, Lite Gait, Therapeutic Listening, Hand Writing Without Tears, Beckman Oral Motor, Hanen Language Program, feeding therapy, and Augmentative Communication amongst others.

Our objective is to foster positive changes in children who have motor delays or disabilities, language or articulation delays, sensory processing disorders, feeding and/or swallowing disorders to improve their ability to participate with their family in the community. Additionally, we strive to coordinate services with other agencies in the Brazos Valley to meet the needs of the child and families we serve.

Services are determined through a comprehensive intake and an assessment procedure conducted by licensed physical, occupational and/or speech therapist. Children who have difficulties learning, developmental delays or other special needs are provided with skilled and comprehensive developmental testing and treatment designed to meet their individual needs. A Plan of Care is developed with input from parents and approved by the child’s physician that outlines the recommended services and frequency of services. Services are then provided at our clinic in Bryan, TX located at 1318 Memorial Drive, Bryan TX 77802.