Now offering BOTH tele-therapy AND in person therapy sessions!

Whether you choose to attend in the clinic or in the comfort of your home, we're here and ready to serve you! Read more about our service delivery model on our COVID-19 Response Page.

Our mission


Our mission is to improve the lives of families in our community by providing medical therapy to all in need of assistance in areas such as physical, occupational and speech therapy.


We believe that no one should be left without therapy options, irrespective of their insurance coverage, socio-economic status, ethnicity, background and ability to pay. Our charitable services program is unique in our community and ensures equal access to care to all needing therapy.

Our programs

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Physical Therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring mobility by evaluating and treating challenges with gross motor development / movement, balance, coordination, strength, endurance, mobility, and joint and muscle motion. Services also include assessment for assistive devices and other equipment.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy services focus on promoting independence by evaluating and treating challenges with fine motor development, cognitive development, self-care skills, sensory processing skills, visual perceptual skills and upper body strength/coordination. Services also include assessment for assistive devices and other equipment.


Speech Language Pathology

Speech-Language Therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring communicative skills or swallowing capabilities by evaluating and treating challenges with receptive language/ listening skills, self-expression, sound production, feeding, fluency, and oral motor function. Services also include assessment and treatment for alternative communication systems, including iPads.

Our Goals

Our licensed and friendly therapists are trained to address a wide range of challenges and disabilities.

Therapists work with the family to determine priorities for intervention. We believe clients will make greater progress if the family participates in the therapy sessions and home-programming activities. Through their participation, the family members will learn to teach skills in order to enhance and improve progress in the natural environment.


We aim to educate patients with disabilities and their families on available resources, self-advocacy, accessing and navigating State and Federal programs and what it means to live with a disability.


Through our physical, occupational and speech therapy services, we help our patients and their families live life to the fullest extent of their abilities.


As a United Way partner agency, we work with other agencies in our community to find solutions to change lives.

Social Services

As a designated Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, we proudly provide social services as part of our continuum of care. Social services can help with counseling in the areas of education, employment, family dynamics, accessing local and federal resources and identifying the best scenario for every patient and their family.


"Life changing. In essence that is the simplest way to describe what BVRC did for my kid. So much progress was made, and my family will be forever grateful. Thank you, BVRC. The staff is nice, knowledgeable, dedicated and they genuinely care."


"They have met every single need.  Whatever way they could, they helped me out."


"I tell everyone about y'all!"